I choose not to start with the traditional way of explaining how beautiful a thing backpacking is.
So I will just shift to the purpose instead. But first, you need to know what college is apart from being an educational business land. It definitely is a long chapter among the contents of the catalog that society lays down for you calling it “your” life: primary to secondary to plus two to college and then to work. That is all. And once you step out of this miserable status quo, society freaks out to you.
But till you aren’t freaked out, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. So why?

You’ve got terribly low responsibility

You have to agree that you do not have to think about anything other than yourself while you are in college. Nobody is expecting anything from you other than your development. Your parents take care of themselves and your needs. And it is all connected. Read the next point.

You learn to be more responsible

Backpacking could probably be the best stepping stone to the journey of responsibility, as firstly, it teaches you how to take care of yourself, and then, makes you more organized because when you are backpacking, you are on your own.

You gift yourself independence

Backpacking makes you do your own planning, with nobody having a better idea than you, about how greatly or badly you’re geographically placed somewhere and what you should do. Quite simply and clearly, you save your arse when you have to save it. And that is definitely a facet of ‘independence’.

Backpacking is a lesson in itself

Throw away textbooks and bring yourself for the ride. Backpacking involves the whole of you: your body and mind. You plan it and you execute it.

Learning life lessons the way they should be learned

Non-backpackers are surely stuck in the maze with dead ends after promising turns. They think reading about a value would make them achieve it. But it does not work that way, does it? Unless one is exposed to the practice of it, it doesn’t seep into one’s skin. Backpacking gives you failure, fear, joy, tolerance, patience, and perseverance. Hence, it prepares you for a more serious journey in future, whether professional or personal.

Stories to reflect back on and relive

Every human being lives on memories. No memories and we are nothing better than task-executing cyborgs. Backpacking gives you stories of your own, stories which you have written through your footprints on a part of this vast world. They become who you are and who you look forward to becoming.
College is the last chapter of the life of comfort. That is the tradition. What backpacking does to you, dragyou out of your comfort zone and see the world and plan a bit better for the journey thenceforth. So, quite logically, backpacking keeps you a step ahead of everyone.


Not all classrooms have four walls. Start travelling!


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