Solo trips have this inexplicable feeling of sheer thrill mixed with fear that makes them interesting. While travelling in groups has its benefits, as you can lean on someone for help. Solo trips become special more so because the experiences always teach one to lean in. Isn’t finding oneself in midst of the worldly chaos beautiful? You can’t take our word for it, can you? Then read on about these amazing and adventurous women travellers who are treading their paths across cities and countries together.

Get inspired by these 6 women travellers and bloggers mapping the world with their feet.


In an age (23) when people are looking at escalating their careers and fattening their paychecks, Shivya Nath chose to leave a corporate job and create a life for herself. She is a full-time traveller and makes most of her passion by writing about her experiences on her blog. One of the most remarkable traits of Shivya is that not only has she travelled extensively but that she has kept her authentic voice intact after all these years on the move.

Check her blogs where she shares her tips about women solo travellers, budget travelling, and so much more Shivya’s Travel Secrets.


She has created quite a niche for herself by travelling the remotest regions of the world and telling us about it. She chose to become a full-time photographer and writer after ditching her career as a Software Engineer mid-way.  Her blogs are a great combination of poetry, philosophy and beautiful photographs which tell us much more than simply stating the geographic beauty of the place.

Brush some of her travel dust by visiting Travel With Neelima.


Anki on the Move tells Ankita Kumar’s story of travelling to 18 countries in the past 3 years. She likes to call herself a travel adventurer and share vlogs about her experiences too. Ankita has a flair of giving great details of the interesting nook and corners she finds while travelling.

Read her travel tales to get some details for your next travel.


Travelling ides of march not only brings you the travel journeys that Amrita takes but it also keeps you close to the person she is. While reading her blog posts one is sure to notice the places and the feelings that they bring to a person. Amrita has travelled in more than 14 countries since the time she first started in 2014.

Travel along with her as she shares her travel stories and conscientious experiences.


She has named her website quirky wanderer and for a good reason. Her travel stories are zara hatke. From capturing doors of south India’s temples to talking about Vitamin M (money!), her blogs are indeed quirky. She has literally travelled the country from a to and has her feet on many European countries too.

Get a quirky travel viewpoint as you read about her travel experiences.


Swati is an exceptionally talented woman. She is not only solo-travelling the whole world city by city but is also an advanced level certificate yoga trainer and a mind coach. Post her eight her career as a PR professional she bumped into travelling. Since then there has been no looking back for her. Her travel stories and photo journals are interesting, to say the least.

Get inspired by reading her travelogues.

These women travellers have paved the way for a lot of travel enthusiasts, by putting forward their experiences and tips. But what makes their journey more appealing is their dedication to travel and go beyond their comfort zone.  So, in case they have inspired you too, you should not wait up and Get up, Go! 

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