The Complete Manali Weekend Itinerary Under ₹ 4k!

Day 2: Authentic Himachal experience at Naggar

I woke up early since I wanted to make most of my time till evening, after which I had to take my bus back to Delhi. Winters are definitely the best time to visit Manali with plenty of snow, less crowds, and off season rates.

I rent a scooter for the day. A decent Honda Activa at INR 500. The renting agency will try to sell you all kinds of bikes ranging from   500 – 1500. Choose your pick wisely.

Places to Visit Activities to do Cost
Naggar Castle 1 hr drive to Naggar. Sightseeing to Urusvati museum Bike cost – ₹ 500 per day
Gauri Shankar Temple, Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery The temple and monastery are close to the castle and can be covered on the same route. NA

Day 2: Detailed Itinerary

Naggar Castle: The place where the old meets the new

The early morning bike ride is the perfect way to wake up and see the outskirts of Manali. Fields, mountain views, Apple orchards, villages – all in one frame and what a breathtaking sight to behold. I stop once in the hour long drive for some quick tea and bun.

Naggar castle invites you with all its majesty.

The castle belongs to the royal family of Kullu and was once the seat of power. A perfect positioning for the king to keep an eye over his kingdom. The intricate architecture gives you a peek into the ancient way of living in this area. Many parts of this castle are now being turned into a resort and multiple restaurants for the tourists to have a royal feel.

Naggar castle - thehosteller- imykgaur

View from Naggar Castle.

Entry is with a nominal fee. It offers a nice view of the mountains, far flung valleys and the mighty Beas River. The castle is built with stone and wood. It takes 30-45 minutes to cover the castle. Sit around and take the view to yourself.

Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery: Unwind to the soft beats of Buddhist prayers

This monastery surrounded by the mighty Himalayan mountains is located on a hilltop at the Kullu Manali highway. Take some time to soak yourself in the serenity of this place. Buddhist prayers being sung in unison, drums, flags and intricately designed huge wall frescoes take you to this age old religion and its vibrant culture.

I started back from Naggar around lunch time. A quick Himachali meal near Naggar castle and I’m ready to go back to Manali – still enough time to board my bus in the evening.

I reached back Manali by 4 in the evening. After returning the rented bike,I picked up my luggage from The Hosteller perfectly in time for my evening bus.

Miscellaneous Charges (Food, Shopping)

Eating food in the cafes in Manali can be quite expensive. Shortlist few economical ones that give a good value for money. Carry loose cash to spend at eateries and other local attractions.

mall road-the hosteller

The Mall Road in Manali is the hub of all shopping activities.

Another option is to have ready food snacks ready with you like bread, butter, sandwich spreads which you can use anytime during the day. This way you can spend on one good meal a day in a local cafe comfortably. You can keep 500 INR aside for daily eating.

Shopping in Old Manali and Mall Road is a pretty elaborate affair on its own. Since I neither had the time nor the money to spend on it I consciously stayed away from it.

So here’s the final tally of my expenses:

Expense Cost (In ₹)
Travel (To and From Delhi) 2000
Stay 600
Travel (Within Manali) 450 (Day 1) + 500 (Day 2)
Food 700 (Day 1+ Day 2)
Total 4250

And that was all from my 2-day weekend trip to Manali. I overshot my budget by around ₹ 250/- but it was still under the bill amount that we paid at that pub in Delhi.

I hope this itinerary was detailed enough for you to plan. In case of any specific queries drop a comment below and I will get in touch with you.

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