Uttarakhand, literally known as “The Land of Gods”, has always been a less pampered child of Mother India as compared to its elder brother, Himachal Pradesh. Yet, the Himalayas, here are as inviting & magnificent as they could be.

The Best Treks in India or the best winter treks is a topic ignored by many, especially in Uttarakhand. Divided into 13 districts, Uttarakhand offers a lot of offbeat trekking routes, especially for winter treks. Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas, home to at least 20 trekking routes (easy, moderate & extreme), invites people from all over the globe for an enthralling as well as de-stressful journeys, where one might find the lost passion or a route to explore for the next time. We prepared a list of the best winter treks one can undertake.

So, refer to this all-in-one blog for trekking to the hidden regions in Uttarakhand & remember, in the end,

“You don’t go on a war or a trek, unprepared or under planned”

NAG TIBBA TREK (Serpent’s Peak)

Nag Tibba, a perfect destination for the weekend trek from Delhi, is a 10/10 rated trek for solo travellers or a group of friends looking for a light adventure. Camp at the foothills of Nag Tibba peak at night under a million stars. So, just load your backpack & start trekking. Secret Fact: There are three ways to do this trek, find all the routes while you are there. Click here for the best route.

KUARI PASS (Curzon Trail)

Kuari Pass, famously known as the doorway to higher Himalayas, is located in Chamoli district in the Garhwal Himalayan range. One can witness the mountainous landscapes and relate to people’s appearance to the ever hardened hilly terrain (Probably Why, this is one of the best treks in India). For a mountain lover & an adventurer, Kuari Pass falls right into a must winter treks to-do list offering magnificent 270-degree views.  Secret Fact: There are at least 7 peaks that you can look at, identify as many as you can & show off.


Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila, trekkable throughout the year located in Garhwal, is one of the most picturesque treks in all of Uttarakhand. All you photographers out there, the trek has a frozen lake, the highest Shiva temple in all of the Himalayas, beautiful campsites, and the Himalayan peak, waiting to just get clicked. Are you up for this power-packed adventurous trek? This is one of the most thrilling winter treks you can experience. Secret Fact: Pump your heart with a river rafting exercise on the Alaknanda river. Ready for some thrilling action?

DAYARA BUGYAL (High Altitude Meadows)

Dayara Bugyals, known popularly as “nature’s own gardens”, has been developed into a 28 KM long ski slope. Ever wondered, where to ski in India? It is one of the largest & well-known meadows, in summer, and changes into the most beautiful ski slope in the winters. So, all you ski lovers, put on your ski boots and get your snowboards out on a wild (wild) adventure. Secret Fact: Dayara Bugyal is the most beautiful meadows in India. Don’t believe us, come and have a look yourself.

If you are looking forward to an adventurous, unique and thrilling experience you can surely take one of these treks in India. They have been subject to interesting stories, out of which one can just be yours!

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