KTK Circuit

4,999.00 4 days

The KTK circuit, a perfect getaway for beginners looking for an adventurous trek in the lower Himalayas, is widely popular for its dense pine forests, natural hot water springs (Manikaran & Kheerganga), waterfalls (Rudranag), short hikes, serene villages (Kalga, Pulga, Tulga) and the valley’s natural beauty. The crisp mountain air coupled with delicious Himachali & Israeli food with the smell of burning herbs coursing through the otherwise unpolluted air makes Kasol the so-called “Amsterdam of India”. One should also take a short hike to Malana from Kasol to experience the centuries-old local Malana culture. A 3-day trip to the Parvati, recommended for the first timers, starts from Kasol and offers short treks to Tosh and Kheerganga.


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